Police Authorities Of Wales

Agenda - 27th January 2012

Agenda - 27th January 2012

A MEETING OF THE POLICE AUTHORITIES OF WALES (PAW) JOINT COMMITTEE has been arranged for 10.30 a.m. on Friday 27th January 2012 at the Media Resource Centre, (MRC), Oxford Road, Llandrindod Wells.







1.                 To receive a presentation from the Director of ICT for North Wales Police Mr Geoff Bradley on the All Wales ICT Collaboration project.


2.                 To receive a short talk from the Chair of the Association of Police Authorities, Mr Mark Burns-Williamson.


3.                  Welcome and apologies for absence.


4.                  To receive any declarations of interest.


5.                   To receive the Chairperson's announcements.


6.                   To confirm the minutes of the PAW meeting held on 14th October 2011 and to consider any matters arising from the minutes and progress against the action sheet that is not contained elsewhere in the agenda.


7.                 To consider the report of the Executive Officer.


8.                To receive the PAW Governance Review, a joint report from PAW Officers and ACPO Cymru.


9.                     To consider and approve the following Collaboration reports:


a)     WAG Liaison Officer to present the Collaboration Programme projects update report


b)     WAG Liaison Officer to present the revised draft National Policing Plan for Wales 2012/15.


c)    Collaboration Programme Finance Director to present the financial update report of collaboration and the budget proposals for 2012/13.


10.          To receive a report from the PAW Chief Finance Officer on the current issues in police finance.

(To Follow)


11.          To receive a verbal report from the Legal Advisor to    PAW.  
12.          To receive a report from WLGA/PAW Officer


13.          To consider a report on behalf of the Chair of ACPO Cymru.


14.          To receive from the Executive Support Officer a report on the PAW Risk Register.


15.          Members and Officers received a circulation list of the following minutes, member reports and notes of meetings. There has been no receipt of advance notice that any issues are to be raised regarding the reports.


a)     20/10/11 – Member report on Specialist Crime Collaboration


b)    28/10/11 – Member report on WLGA Council


c)      09/11/11 – Member report on Specialist Crime Directorate (RESTRICTED)


d)      01/12/11 – Member report on the Minister for Local Government and Communities visit to TARIAN


e)      07/12/11 - Member report on the Specialist Crime Collaboration Board. (RESTRICTED)


f)      14/12/11 – Member report on the CONTEST Board (RESTRICTED)


16.      To exclude the press and public from the meeting during consideration of the following items of business in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1972 on the grounds that they may involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Paragraph 18 & 18B of Part 4 of Schedule 12(A), of the said Act.


17.    To receive the minutes of the PAW Protective Services Leads Group 14th November 2011. (RESTRICTED)

18.      To consider a report and presentation from Detective Superintendent Valentine on WECTU performance. (RESTRICTED)

19.      To consider a performance report on TARIAN.   (RESTRICTED)


20.      To identify any risks arising from the meeting.


21.        The next meeting is to be held on 30th March 2012 at 10.30am, Media Resource Centre, Llandrindod Wells.



Shelley Bosson

Executive Officer

Police Authorities Wales

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