Police Authorities Of Wales

Minutes - 28th March 2007

Minutes - 28th March 2007


At the general meeting of the Police Authorities of Wales (PAW) held at 10.00 am on Wednesday 28 March 2007 at the Media Resources Centre, Llandrindod Wells.


Representing Dyfed Powys Police Authority
Mr J Antoniazzi, Councillor D Evans, Mr A Kenwright and Mr S Vipond JP

Representing Gwent Police Authority
Councillor M Dally, Mrs P Davies JP, and Mr G Price Thomas

Representing North Wales Police Authority
Councillor E Edwards, Mr A Lewis (substitute), Councillor I Roberts and Mr D C Wynne JP

Representing South Wales Police Authority
Mr I Gittens (substitute), Mr J Littlechild JP, Councillor R Roberts and Councillor R Thomas

Officers in attendance
Ms N Alleyne - Director of Equalities and Social Justice, WLGA

Ms S Bosson - Chief Executive and Clerk Gwent Police Authority

Mr K Dent - Legal Adviser

Mr A Fry - Secretary

Mr T Grange - Chief Constable Dyfed Powys Police

Mr L James - Financial Adviser

Ms W Moore - North Wales Police Authority

Ms R Morgan - PAW/WLGA Policy Officer

Mr K Reeves - Clerk Dyfed Powys Police Authority

Mr P Wood - Central Team

Mr G Price Thomas in the Chair

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